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The DataMax Process - Your Point of Sale Solution

Confidence and consistency are the standards that define the DataMax Process. They are the reason we created "The Process" in the first place.

Retailers purchase new POS equipment with the confidence that it will work and perform up to standard with a high degree of consistency. Unfortunately, those two characteristics aren't apparent when refurbished or used point of sale equipment is considered. To change that perception, DataMax set out to change the paradigm so that consistency is expected and confidence is earned.

Your pos products and point of sale systems services specialist!

DataMax defines this process as the basis for the "POS Experience", the recognition that comes when a point of sale system, POS product, or POS device - from a bar code scanner to a full POS system - shows up when and where expected, is handled as promised, and looks and performs to every specification.

It starts with a rigorous and thorough refurbishing process that ensures the quality of the POS equipment. The latest diagnostic tools, cleaning technologies, painting techniques and packaging innovations are used to create "like new" point of sale products when refurbishment is complete. It progresses through the attention to detail used in asset tagging, packaging, shipping and ultimately installing the POS equipment. It ends when the operator signs on and reflects on how nice it is that the company they work for provides the right tools to make their job pleasant and your stakeholders ROI on point of sale systems and POS equipment has been maximized.